Entry #3


2016-12-17 22:28:22 by xxanemia

Do you guys like guro? What do you think of mine? If you draw gore art please tell me so i can check it out!!

I was in Japan two months ago and went to a guro market and bought some amazing things!


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2016-12-18 02:00:04

Yisssss morrrre @_@

xxanemia responds:

yes oki!!


2016-12-19 00:01:30

honestly i clicked on your art because i found the thumbnail interesting, but i got disappointed when i realized it was mostly gore stuff. I love the colors, the style.. you are a good artist, but i surely cannot enjoy the content. I respect you, though. You see, i'm only saying this because you asked for opinions. I would love to see some more non-gore stuff from you.

xxanemia responds:

what do you prefer?


2016-12-19 03:01:31

well, i guess i would say some healthy stuff like your Nes Chick

xxanemia responds:

ah, the shiny boob art!


2017-02-12 22:54:28

More more more! I love brightly colored gore! Also pastel gore like saccstry <3

xxanemia responds:

have you seen the art trade i did with saccstry a few years back? :)